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Our AMAZING Truly Forever Bridal Team

We know that wedding planning is stressful enough and that most of our brides have dreamed about shopping for their wedding dress and finding THE gown since they were little girls.


We’re Good Listeners

Listening is key and we have learned to be great listeners and ask great questions. We hear what brides want, and what they don’t want, and sometimes that takes us to a place where we can show them gowns they might have never considered.


She {Beki} was very kind and a great listener. As a young and first-time bride, I went in with not a lot of knowledge of wedding dresses.

I knew what I did not like, but not so much what I did like. – Eileen


Alyson took the time to ask questions, get a feel for my style / what I like and then in a flash, began picking out dresses… Alyson took time to understand my style and to see pictures of the venue, she got an idea in her mind which brought my ideas to life. - Sharon


Patience Is A Virtue

The process of finding the perfect wedding dress is not an easy one, it can be a very emotional decision but we also know that price and quality play into every purchase as well. 

Taking a selection of gowns, trying them on and getting input from your family and friends takes some time. You might even need to go back and try one or two on a second time. And we are OK with that.


As we tried on dresses, she helped me narrow down my options so I didn’t have twelve dresses to choose from at the end. She definitely helped me make decisions and was very patient as I tried to decide which dresses were keepers. - Cypress


It was actually fun trying on dresses. The saleswoman was so friendly, helpful and patient while I made my decision. – Denise 


They let me try on so many different kinds of dresses that were in my price range because I had no idea what kind of dress I wanted.

We finally found the one that made me and my mom cry tears of joy. - Nichol


Our Truly Forever Bridal team loves what we do and it shows. We cannot wait for you to come into our Tampa or Sarasota bridal salons to experience the difference our team makes.

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And, our Truly Forever Bridal Team is so excited to announce that we have been selected as the winners of the 1st Florida Wedding Award 2020 for Wedding Boutique of the Year in the Tampa Region as well as the entire state of Florida!



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Truly Forever Bridal Blog

Our AMAZING Truly Forever Bridal Team

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We are beyond blessed to have the most incredible teams on both our Tampa and Sarasota bridal salons.

They all genuinely care about all of the brides they work with and want them to look and feel amazing on their wedding day.

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Did you know that Truly Forever Bridal has the largest wedding dress collection in Florida?

Many bridal salons carry just a few wedding designers and even then, they might have a few wedding gowns available from each designer’s collection.


A Perfect Fit

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Our Truly Forever Bridal team wants your wedding dress to be one that you will look back on and love both the style and the fit.

Our Truly Forever Brides: Maddie

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Our Truly Forever Bridal team is always thrilled when we have the opportunity to showcase a bride on her wedding day!

Sarasota newlyweds Maddie and Matt were recently married at the Pine Shores Presbyterian Church where both Maddie’s mother and grandmother were wed.


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Our Truly Forever Bridal team loves special occasions and we never need a reason to party and we love to dress up.

And, we are willing to bet that you do too!

With the holiday’s just around the corner we are kicking off a HUGE sale on all of our special occasion dresses – with savings of 40-60% until 2020.

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Did you know that in addition to having the largest selection of wedding gowns in the Tampa Bay area, our Truly Forever Bridal salon also offers an incredible collection of tuxedos for your man? 

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Our Truly Forever Bridal team loves sharing the stories of our brides.

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We are often able to showcase some of our brides on our social media in our “I Said Yes!” features, but we love to share a little more behind the scenes of their wedding day.

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